Phil Ade - Gone! (2011)

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Phil Ade - Gone! lyrics

I am gone niggers can’t find me
.. rocking shit .. how I get it? Bitch I am me
.. I could take it .. but it’s all me
.. white Mercedes .. I am the bets I am alive legend specialized on …
Can’t buy mine .. fuck you all you are on my time ..above your head
I know where are you headed I have been there
I am gone not fishing nigger .. I am gone
Big pimping nigger .. I am gone must be tripping nigger ..
I am the shit shorty I am the shit .. when I am rolling with all my hoes
.. man is wear my life is from movie let me roll a clip
Everywhere i go ii am up in the cloud were smoking in the club
I am up in the cloud this is your girl I am .. half of the time I am .. up in the air
You are stuck on the .. haters I wish you well .. this is your ass dick ..
I am gone not fishing nigger .. kissing nigger I must be tripping nigger …
Drop it to the floor don’t stop it I wanna see you get low
.. this shit I live for polo .. polo socks so clear I can’t leave the …
House body like .. I am gone … my nigger fresh off the block
I am trying to ultra pop …