Phil Ade - College Girl (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) (2011)

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Phil Ade - College Girl (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) lyrics

My college girl
I love to watch you pass
While you're on your walk to class
My college girl
You don't know how cold you look
You make me want to hold your books
My college girl
And I'd go back to school
But I'd only act a fool
For my college girl, my college girl

[Verse 1]
I've got a bad one named Genevieve
She's in her third year at Trinity
Said she's a fan of Dom Kennedy
And she recently got into me

That's cool because I'm into you
The way you look in them tight jeans and Jimmy Choo's
And I don't mean to make you bitter
But stop flirting with me on Twitter

I got a fine young Howard broad
Met her homecoming out in Howard, yall
She said, ohhh I enjoyed your performance
I replied, could you show me where your dorm is

And do they allow boys?
Your roommate, do she allow noise?
Well I guess we'll have to find out
For you, girl, I'll always take time out


[Verse 2]

Ohh, I got a white girl at UMD
She just text me like, "what's up with you and me?"
But her friend keeps trying to tempt me
And get me drunk down at Bentley's

At American University
I had one that was loving to think the worst of me
Bitch, every rapper don't run a whore house
She said, "I wouldn't believe you if this was Morehouse"

I've got twins at G-W
Who once told me, "Phil I wish there was double you"
Impossible to be a couple, true
But there's some freaky shit I love to do

Oh Phil, you're so nasty
No class, but still classy
When I'm done chasing them all
I give my youngin' at George Mason a call

[Hook - Repeat 2x]