Phil Ade - College Girl (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook]
, My college girl
, I love to watch you pass
, While you're on your walk to class
, My...
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Phil Ade - College Girl (#Philadefriday 2 Mixtape) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: My college girl
ZH: 我女大学生

EN: I love to watch you pass
ZH: 我爱看你传递

EN: While you're on your walk to class
ZH: 虽然你是你走到类

EN: My college girl
ZH: 我女大学生

EN: You don't know how cold you look
ZH: 你不知道你看如何冷

EN: You make me want to hold your books
ZH: 你让我想握住你的书

EN: My college girl
ZH: 我女大学生

EN: And I'd go back to school
ZH: 会回学校

EN: But I'd only act a fool
ZH: 但我只会像个傻瓜

EN: For my college girl, my college girl
ZH: 为我大学的女孩,我的大学女孩

EN: [Verse 1]
ZH: [第 1 节]

EN: I've got a bad one named Genevieve
ZH: 我有坏一个命名吉纳维芙

EN: She's in her third year at Trinity
ZH: 她是在她第三年在三位一体

EN: Said she's a fan of Dom Kennedy
ZH: 说她是 Dom 肯尼迪的粉丝

EN: And she recently got into me
ZH: 她最近上了我

EN: That's cool because I'm into you
ZH: 这是很酷,因为我太爱你

EN: The way you look in them tight jeans and Jimmy Choo's
ZH: 你的样子在他们紧身牛仔裤和吉米楚楚

EN: And I don't mean to make you bitter
ZH: 我不是说让你苦

EN: But stop flirting with me on Twitter
ZH: 停止在 Twitter 上跟我调情,但

EN: I got a fine young Howard broad
ZH: 我有广泛的精细年轻霍华德

EN: Met her homecoming out in Howard, yall
ZH: 见她返校出在霍华德,馀

EN: She said, ohhh I enjoyed your performance
ZH: 她说,哦我喜欢你的表演

EN: I replied, could you show me where your dorm is
ZH: 我回答说,你能告诉我你的宿舍在哪里

EN: And do they allow boys?
ZH: 和他们允许的男孩吗?

EN: Your roommate, do she allow noise?
ZH: 你的室友,做她允许噪声吗?

EN: Well I guess we'll have to find out
ZH: 那我们得找出

EN: For you, girl, I'll always take time out
ZH: 为你的女孩,我就会一直花时间

EN: [Hook]
ZH: [钩]

EN: [Verse 2]
ZH: [第 2 节]

EN: Ohh, I got a white girl at UMD
ZH: 哦,我的白人女孩在 UMD

EN: She just text me like, "what's up with you and me?"
ZH: 我喜欢她的只是文本,"是什么你和我?"

EN: But her friend keeps trying to tempt me
ZH: 但她的朋友一直想诱惑我

EN: And get me drunk down at Bentley's
ZH: 并让我醉倒在宾利的

EN: At American University
ZH: 在美国大学

EN: I had one that was loving to think the worst of me
ZH: 我有一个想想最坏的我就热爱

EN: Bitch, every rapper don't run a whore house
ZH: 贱人,每个说唱歌手别跑一个妓女房子

EN: She said, "I wouldn't believe you if this was Morehouse"
ZH: 她说,"我不会相信你是否这是豪斯"

EN: I've got twins at G-W
ZH: 点 G W 还有双胞胎

EN: Who once told me, "Phil I wish there was double you"
ZH: 谁曾经告诉我,"我真希望有双重的菲尔你"

EN: Impossible to be a couple, true
ZH: 不可能是一对夫妇,true

EN: But there's some freaky shit I love to do
ZH: 但我喜欢做一些异想天开

EN: Oh Phil, you're so nasty
ZH: 哦菲尔,你是这么让人讨厌

EN: No class, but still classy
ZH: 没有类,但依然优雅

EN: When I'm done chasing them all
ZH: 等我把他们都在追

EN: I give my youngin' at George Mason a call
ZH: 我给我的小 ' 在乔治 · 梅森打个电话

EN: [Hook - Repeat 2x]
ZH: [钩-重复 2 x]