Pharrell - The Game Has Changed lyrics (Chinese translation). | I know, I disappeared and popped up in Paris making chairs with a beard
, And those that love me...
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Pharrell - The Game Has Changed (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I know, I disappeared and popped up in Paris making chairs with a beard
ZH: 我知道,消失了,并且突然出现在巴黎做留着胡子的椅子

EN: And those that love me probably thought that it was weird
ZH: 那些爱我大概以为是很奇怪

EN: While the haters was happy, they thought my destiny was cleared
ZH: 虽然讨厌的人是快乐的他们以为我的命运被清除

EN: And any artist that you love have veered
ZH: 任何你喜欢的艺术家已失控冲

EN: Especially when they hated the image that they mirrored
ZH: 尤其是当他们不喜欢他们镜像图像

EN: I got a text that said “P, please get up”
ZH: 我说:"P,请站起来"的文本

EN: Some light shining brightly outlining my shit up
ZH: 一些光芒明亮地概述了我的东西了

EN: The penthouses, the homes, the cars, the chains
ZH: 顶层公寓、 住宅、 汽车、 链

EN: The stones, the admirers, mini-me’s and clones
ZH: 石头、 仰慕者,迷你-我的和克隆

EN: Selling you n-ggas dreams that are boxes full of foam
ZH: 这是完整的泡沫箱卖给你 n-藤黄总酸梦想

EN: In and out of dimensions I walk through walls
ZH: 我穿过墙壁和尺寸

EN: Just saying you can’t put me in a box, thats all
ZH: 只说你不能把我放在框中的所有

EN: No Davinci Codes and Twilight stubs
ZH: 没有达 · 芬奇守则和暮光之城存根 (stub)

EN: Don’t take this wrong, but I miss the taste of blood
ZH: 不要搞错了,但错过了血的味道

EN: So fitting, the sound in my system, makes me want to squish them
ZH: 管接头的声音在我的系统,所以让我想要他们压扁

EN: King Kong foot, the beast has awakened
ZH: 金刚脚野兽觉醒了

EN: The Pro Tools taping, my position blatant
ZH: 编带,我的立场公然的 Pro 工具

EN: You knew I was coming, choiceless, you waiting
ZH: 你知道即将无奈,你还在等

EN: Now I look up and ask why you’ve been for satan
ZH: 现在看,并问为什么你一直为撒旦

EN: I shall hover, with splendid colors
ZH: 应将悬停与绚丽的色彩

EN: That alone makes me other, plus the return of the Jedi
ZH: 这一个人让我其他,再加上之绝地归来

EN: I study how the Brooklyn machine works
ZH: 布鲁克林机的工作原理在工程方面的研究

EN: Thats word to BIG and his dead eye
ZH: 这就是字大和他死的眼睛

EN: I rise to the top like the sun
ZH: 我上升到顶部的像太阳一样

EN: I rise to the pocket like a gun
ZH: 我上升到像一把枪的口袋

EN: I fire, drop ya body then it’s done
ZH: 我火、 放震遐身体然后它完成

EN: They like, what happened, we trapped him
ZH: 他们喜欢,发生了什么事,我们被困在他

EN: Hatred is obliverated when I imagine
ZH: 仇恨是 obliverated,当我想象

EN: Look at you drowning in ya lungs, gasping
ZH: 看看你淹死在雅气喘吁吁的肺

EN: Blood on the dancefloor, he, he Michael Jackson
ZH: 血液在舞池他、 他迈克尔 · 杰克逊

EN: Bitches should stay home they do so much cummin’
ZH: 母狗应该留他们回家做那么多孜然 '

EN: Y’all should stand backwards you do so much frontin’
ZH: 你们都应该向后站你做这么多 frontin'

EN: Take this sun block we got too much sunning
ZH: 采取此太阳块我们有太多晒黑

EN: Now lets examine what you thinking, running
ZH: 现在,让我们检查什么你在想,运行

EN: Run too hard, you might tear ya meniscus
ZH: 运行太难,你可能会扯震遐半月板

EN: And if you try to run up you only get ya wig split
ZH: 如果您尝试运行起来你只能拿到震遐假发拆分

EN: And htis campaign that we runnning is viscious
ZH: 这运动,我们捉迷藏是警官

EN: I hate to eat and run but this was delicious
ZH: 我不想吃和运行,但这是美味