Pharoahe Monch - The Hitman lyrics


Call me the hitman
It's kind of hard ain't it?
With the most feared to becoming the game
We became it
So I painted a masterpiece of an industry tainted
it's not a lithograph so it's graphic, frame it
the hitman
Say it again
The hitman
The hitman
Say it again
say it

Some people say I'm extreme broadcast to beam
Live through a meme
Screaming as Jimmmy Ivine
is Corrupt as Don King
Boxed into the ghetto
To be champion of bling
Industry's the arena the internet is the ring
You trained artists from queens
to sling music to fiends?
then Def Jam supreme team the same thing
Except more critical now
It's digital Cocaine
The goal to control every individual brain
Like Cadillacs for contracts in the sixties
now it's rap for you 60
for contract 3-60
The trick?
Switch to degrees with the three 6's
hardest to left of zero
You see who receives the riches
Which is the reason why they is only a few moguls
globally the pioneer's are left in a chokehold
enough to make an individual go postal
Watching these old folks get fucked for they vocals
Say it again
The hitman (repeat)


If you are not performing felatio for radio rotation
What's the ratio for radio play at your station?
If you are not paying to play your record is dead
Puts a whole new spin on Radio head
They gotta 1000 plays a week
We selling the same units
They put their best rep up
The couldn't stand next to it
People wanna relate they wanna connect to it
Here's a lyrical check
Is this enough for you to flex to it
Or do you need more clues
Should I be more black
Would that change your view?
Should I dye my hair blonde should my eyes be blue
Just a couple of questions I mustered up for you
but these 11 and a half shoes you can't fill those
I make headlines like corduroy pillows
And probably get banned from television and marketing
Targeting music industry politic's provocative


It's kinda hard
Let's release sex tapes so we can become stars
Nude photographs of titties and asses
increase our buzz Impress the masses
I thought she was supposed to be so passive
Now you just another ass in the air with an asterisk
Cell phone songs, you will never be a classic
you sold your souls
They call that remastering?
What does it have to be so drastic?
Chemical skin peel makes it sell more plastic
Follow the program man
Stick to the tactics
twelve to 18 you know the demographics
these kids want popcorn
They want Slap stick
probably the chorus goes tisket tasket
but i'm not willing to risk it, master
This might take a couple of listens for you to grasp it
the HIT--