Peter Sinfield - The Song Of The Sea Goat lyrics

The sea goat casts Aquarian runes through beads of mirrored tears,
Suave pirates words of apricot crawl out of your veneer
Anoint your eyes with Midas' oil and make it still appear
Alladin's lamp is glowing bright transmuting panacea;
To fill your souls with sugared holes.
"Oh can't you hear" sang the sea goat "the nonsense makes me numb."
"It's near it's clear" sang the sea goat "we live to overcome,
The madman's voice and his nowhere choice,
The pain that drains like an endless day of rain."

The sea goat reads the flight of birds and writes upon the sand;
Gold waterfalls of autumn wheat slip through a pointing hand
Whose fingers stiff with sentences still beckon to the band
To play the "Best Foot Forward March" and deafen all the land.
With hollow words, it's so absurd!
"Take your stand" sang the sea goat "the night goes on and on."
"Unwrap your plans" sang the sea goat "tell everyone you've gone
To touch the earth and to see the birth
The smile, the style down an unspun mile of life."

It fills the air! It fills the air!
The song of the sea goat shaking in the domes
The song of the sea goat as endlessly he roams,
Between the sunset's crimson veil
On smooth grey streets where the drunkard spins his tale.

The sea goat sips and hurls his glass along the smoke-filled road
Where shuttered snakes of brakeless trains run aching with their load
Of spring-eyed, tonguetied, wooldyed lads who kiss the L-shaped goad
Which soon will smear their uniforms with blood, whitewash & woad.
Damn iron minded, gold braid blinded, officers and gentlemen!
"God!" sang the sea goat "is always on both sides."
"Change" sang the sea goat "is constant as the tides
"And this play" sang the sea goat "is strangely synthesised
When your part of a cast where the first comes last
Where the east goes west and the sun is burning out

And your part of a cast…"