Peter Schmidt - Heart Back lyrics

But I can't talk to you
Cause you're the enemy
Leaving me behind
And you're the secret love cry
But all that I ask is not much
Just a touch of someone like you
Oh oh
Let me go, adjust my soul
And I'll be on my way

Well maybe if it was that easy
I wouldn't have to ask
But I was just kinda wondering
If I could have my heart back
Just to have my heart back

We use to laugh
And call eachother names
But now the names we say
Have drastically drastically changed
Was it my fault or yours?
But how did we fall off this curb
Into a puddle of what I can't figure out
And why does it hurt?


Maybe we're still alive
Maybe we can give this one more try
But maybe's all I have to give to you
Is this through?