Peter Piek - Peter Pieks 1st Dream lyrics

There is something in the air - kid
But i can't tell what it means - no
Paranoia we can't play down
And we drift away

I woke up this morning
Tried to sleep again
And to continue my dream
There were some unknown people
In a dusty landscape
Sitting around a wooden table
They brought me a silver plate
With a thousand delicious mouthfuls
I said: 'thank you. but who's that daugther?'
Back in the dawn
We took a sailing boat
And we sailed away
Yeah! - we sailed away-
She said her name is ariane
And we sailed away
Yeah! - we sailed away

A pirate ship under full sail with three gigantic pylons
"ariane what's going on here?" i whispered
Steering wheel and ropes went on his own - no seaman - was on the ship
"where are the shoco-cookies peter?"


"we are going in the right direction"
A skeleton came out of his cabin - oouuh
"welcome on my ship. I'm the captain!" he said
And he smelled like dead
And he told us what to do, ariane
She took my hand
And we jumped overboard
We were gliding in the air for a few seconds - splash

A red robin sang us a song - it was very rhythmic
"ariane what's going on here?" i whispered
The robin hung on thin ropes - it was a puppet
"where is the puppet-player peter?"