Peter Mulvey - Brady Street Stroll lyrics

Brady street in summer
strolling the wine
all them dapper couples
in their summer getup
looking so fine
so fine

Meet me down at rou chamble
drink your coffee
Ill drink my wine

Firemen on the frontstoop watch the ladies go by
up above the branches theres a thundercloud way off in the sky
in the sky

but noones in a hurry
it´ll get here by and by

its not afternoon on bleeker
its not two am on bourbon street
god knows its not the champs elussey
but airs that you dont put on
are airs that never get in your way
because high hats just a bar here
it aint no big thing

you can stroll from glory olsows down to the nomad
here them pigeonbirds sing

oh hear them pigeonbirds sing

let us tip into his hardware
pick yourself out some ductape hunny
ill spring

Ghost of bunky lowlife at the oakland and deer
but over by van burens street old bog dony echoes
hang in the air
oh those echoes hang in the air

this is brady street in summer
baby you aint just anywhere