Peter Breinholt - Mi Maria lyrics

So here's the last of my days

In the sollen coast in the haze

So forget all that you made

With the blue and the pink

And move on with your fight to be saved

Now I walk with cow of Ortiz

And I can't find the road to Belize

See the sky spin around

Feel my back hit the ground

Viva Mexico

I'm all right

Then I dreamed that I saw my Maria

See her sleeping sometimes in my head

And in time passed away

See her smile in the arms of another day

Smoke in the air never clears

And the sound of the fighting draws near

So I think of a scene

Of the girl in my dreams

And I tell her it's lonely out here

Well I sit in the eye of the hurricane

And I play with the words in my head

Do you plan what you say

Do you wait each day

Do you say what you know you should say

Now that I know that I'll find my Maria

See her sleep sometimes in my head

And her eyes are shut

But they're moving

I think that she's dreaming

Whoa whoa whoa I

Hey hey hey

Whoa whoa whoa I

Do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do

Do do do do do do do ahhhh