Perfekt Gentlemen - Why Hasn't Anyone? lyrics

Little more than a child myself I know
But I think she could be the one, the one my parents told me
I would stumble on to Am I safe not doing what
What the world thinks that I should do?
Could I live life alone?
Could I live life by myself?
Or could this young woman that I've found
Someday be my life long partner?

Why hasn't anyone ever told me a girl could make me feel this way?
Why don't I think she has cooties like girls did in first grade
Why hasn't anyone ever told me that I'd wanna spend my life
With just this one person?
Why has it happened this way?

Stay and I will build a highway
Between our hearts, bleeding our love forever
I want to cry the same tears you cry,
You know I struggle to speak what's on my mind

* outro *
She says she'll stay with me
My skin tingles
She says she'll love me
My heart loves forever