Perfekt Gentlemen - Punk Vs Hick lyrics

He comes a-blazing up behind me in a pick-up truck
Got a hole in the muffler and it's all jacked up
Thinks he's so cool making lots of noise
Yippie-o-ki-ay he's a real cowboy
Going through the drive-thru at McD's
All the hicks in the lot are staring at me
Got my spikes and my chains, yeah I'm so cool
Yell out the window, "Hey man, Punx Rule!"

Do I decide, is it my call to say I wont get along?
This hatred lasts only so long before it ends in heated brawl

Gotta look at the person not the stereotype
Classifying people's just a bunch of hype
God views us all alike and loves us all the same
Punk vs. Hick- What's in a name?