Penhead - Legendary lyrics

(feat. Mr. Blackston, Victa Creed)

It's legendary

[VERSE 1: Mr. Blackston]
Purposely hurtin people
Makin certain that what I'm squirtin's lethal
I see through feeble attempts to equal my evil
Malicious attempts to circumvent your defense
Concealin my moves so the suspense be immense
My squad movin silently, the battle camp's tense
Leavin the mean ensemble on your cattle ranch lynched
Lyrically causin the mighties avalanche since
That Mount St. Helen's, bustin your puny melons
Your cerebellums can't withstand the high demand
For a battle plan to counter my venomous contraband
I conquer land like a megalomaniacal tyrant
Overrunnin your city, leavin your rebel gun silent
I hum violent battle hymns, rattle gems
Deadly riddles that untangled will shatter your fragile limbs
Convert your endoskeleton to jeleton
Melon spinnin from the arsenal that I'm developin
Chemical or atomical [?] like any [?]
Call Jesus or if you're Islamic beg Mohammed to calm it
Silenced as Mr. Blackston merciful battle [?]
You vomit when I target your market and corporate bomb it

[VERSE 2: Penhead]
I consult with Dutch Masters to disscuss matters
Concernin the blood of my challengers
My pen conduct massacres
Select razor blades for peace makers, guns couldn't make it
Engage the lifesaver, the page I write favors
The greatest ever, the razor severs decision making
The rhythm hits rotation, full circle reconciliation
Black cat magnetism, black Cadillac hearse
Hit you where it hurts
While I'm cursed with a cold heart
A rose lays the carcass to rest
Target your set, I level the fortress
With graceful swordsmanship
Crowds roar for killings
See the hardened warrior within, a real barbarian
Intense as [Name]
Bizarre alien flow, amaze my victims to approach
If they prey I feast, if you hate I squeeze
Or swing razors, confess your bloodshed was in nature
Decapitate haters in colliseums
The gladiators invaded the last kingdom
A trail of murder language through the city sky
City life is so tiresome
Empires come to ground zero
My medal of honor shines in drama
Seeing blood inspires a winning drive
Killin the pride of the bravest men
Signature [Name] Nation
Third eye mercenary, first adversaries
Competitive drive, dead or alive
Reward assaillants who want a sword for their beheading
The scent of death is so refreshing
The soul resurrects back to the essence
One of my more impressive skills, still perfectin my skills
Bleak eyes born is in top form
Come lock horns with the tropical storm
Playin in a tornado alley is a tragedy to happen
On me, Creed and Blackston
On the skirts of your cipher eager to participate
Hearts pump by the Interstate

[VERSE 3: Victa Creed]
Acclaimed speeches, renaissance legends
Our name's whispered among men, tongue hung you're damned
Visions of us associated with storms created from hatred
Manipulation beyond, check the station we on
Patiently calm, knowin the date of revelation be on
Leavin the Earth vacant, all faces of hatred is gone
When only gods rule, watch who you got in your squad too
Backstab quicker than Jackflash
Act fast while it's hot and not scorchin
Cause I doubt they drop a stop often
Round the clock sounds ( ? ) darken
Parallel with the universe dispersed into the flames of the worst god sparkin
Now ignited, the foul just fight it
Wait till the game catch flame, big heads won't be around to like it
Predict chaos, only the chosen
Most is frozen, ghosts is hautnin those quotin off us
Golden armour shields my soul among vultures
Peckin my flesh how we connect, erect boulders
Yo, it's more than just beats and rhymes
Some question the skies, the legendary seek to find
And find we shall, grace drums with how divine we sound
Used to use beats but planets we collide with now
The masses possessed by trash, too blind to smile
To deaf to listen, positive visions minus now
Until then we have been and will be
Legendary until the music kills me
I said until then we have been and will be
Legendary until the music kills me