Pendragon - The Last Walz lyrics

Hang up your dancing shoes, hide in that secret place
Play that song of empty charm of empty time and space
You're a tired ballerina in a musical box
When the key unwinds you have to stop when the music stops

So you can find your way, I'll leave a gaslight burning in the window
Do you remember, do you recall, the smell of
school dining halls and backstreet brawls?
I was a twenty first century kid Casanova
With a lover's patch and freestyle charm we went arm in arm

I remember the autumn leaves
I remember those times
In cold October air kicking cans and buying time
I recall our old town, the place I used to work
The boy just trying to throw some magic down upon the world
But you can't dance forever, the last waltz is over
And most of all as I recall the final line upon her lips