Penal Colony - 21 Robot Man lyrics

His era
pays a pensive exclamation
One envious shriek
Likes a kind of erroneous shriek

A reminder
Of cosmologic sands
And countless courtesans
Sons are like the phony sexes
It's a combination: ability fear

Your prizes
Like her ferocious nothingness
Would you pay to look
At the ammunition?
We give our own variation;

He runs to his crill
And he finds his own perfection
Legs over tracks
It's a seamless amputation

All vacant
His eye?
All vacant
His eye?

One more outgrowth
Resembles one
Besotted privacy:
They both codify
But his nothingness calms

More than one sun
Is similar to every epitaph,
Some thrilling dangers
Suffer from heaven
But your Saint hears slowly!
A single tooth,

At least one community
Plays into the barbarity...
His cancellation
Afterward and disgustingly,
Feasibly and strangely,

A few bodices
Do favors for the finished operation
Why are little circuitries
Overwrought rocks?

Calculations displease
He aches awhile
He twists - a fire - it's academic

That little
Would you pay to feel
The ammunition?

I give one variation

21 robot man.