Paulina Rubio - Casanova (2003)

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Paulina Rubio - Casanova lyrics

Dark sexy skin, my passion begins
You're the center of my obsession
I'm watching you dance in your leather pants
My eyes see a true perfection
And I'm hypnotized by the rhythm of your hips
It's so hard to hide and I can't resist

Chorus x2
It's about your kiss, it's about your lips
It's about the way you move your body
It's about your style that drives me wild
It's the sexy things you're doing
Come and dance with me tonight
Feel the rhythm deep inside
Touch me now
You can be my casanova

I cross the room
You smell my perfume
Mi amor, you're in serious dange
Tempuratures rising
And I'm fantazing
Making love to a beutiful stranger
My passion's alive
I'm feeling so high
It's not the champagne
That's driving me insane

Chorus x2

Ooh, ooh, oh
You could be my casanova
Ooh, ooh, oh
You could be my casanova

Chorus out