Paul Kelly - God Told Me To (2007)

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Paul Kelly - God Told Me To lyrics

My name is John Johanna
I am misunderstood
Lately I have been accused
Of grevious murder in cold blood
My mission is most righteous
My cause is true and just
The wicked need chastisement
You know it's either them or us

God told me to
I did what I had to do
God told me to

All around me, empty chatter
The old men wring their hands
But meanwhile in broad daylight
Satan gathers his unholy bands
The mighty strength of angels carries me on my seeking flight
My anger is a hammer - you know not its power or the hour it strikes

God told me to
I answer not to them or you
God told me to

Seven golden candles flaming bring forth the son of man
In his mouth a two-edged sword
Seven stars shining in his right hand
The beast has eyes before him
The beast has eyes behind
Those not with me, are against me
They're surely go to feel my holy fire

God told me to
To thine own self be true
God told me to

God told me to
I'm just doing what I have to do
God told me to