Paul Janz - Workin' For My Baby lyrics

Everybody tells me I'm much too intense
I should take some time to get to know all my friends
They tell me I'm crazy, a moonlighting fool
But I'm working for you, workin' for you

Jack happer, bustin' rock
Double duty, I can't stop
I work hard, I work late
Push, just like a galley slave
But every night
She treats me right
It's so amazing when she holds me tight

Sweat, buckle down
Back break, pressure's on
Push my body to the bone
I'm in the workin' zone
But it feels so fine
Just to know she's mine

Push, pump, sweat it out
You know I'm talkin' about
Workin' for my baby
I got a real good woman, she's dynamite
She knows how to treat me right
Workin' for my baby

I'm stretchin' every muscle
Straining every nerve
But I won't break, I won't crumble
I'm workin' for my girl
And it feels so fine
Just to know she's mine