Paul Gross - Secret In Your Eyes lyrics

I swear this ain't a love song, just one man all alone
he's got no map to guide him, just a wound inside his soul
what's wrong with all of these stars tonight,
they're all washed out in tears
and I curse everything in sight, for all these lost years
and I hope that I can find you, even though this road is dark
and I hope to God I'll hold you, once again inside my heart


You know I would fight a thousand men
from Battle Run and back again
and I would sail those seven seas
cross the desert on my knees
Oh yes I would fight a thousand men
and I know these knees would never bend
I would climb those mountains high
for the Secret In Your Eyes

I'd lay your body down my love, and I'd guard you while you sleep
I'd walk you through he corridor, where the wounded poets drink
where they speak of ancient days, and all those prophets' of pain
I won't repeat their tales, I can't lose you again
cause I love you when you're laughing, and I love you when you cry
and all my dreams are hiding, in the secret of your eyes


I swear this ain't a love song, and I'll swear this till I die,
no you know this ain't a love song, it's just a song about your eyes