Paul Anka - Papa (Lyrics On Screen) lyrics (Chinese translation). | Everyday my papa would work
, To try to make ends meet
, To see that we would eat
, Keep those shoes...
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Paul Anka - Papa (Lyrics On Screen) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Everyday my papa would work
ZH: 我的爸爸会工作日常

EN: To try to make ends meet
ZH: 尝试入不敷出

EN: To see that we would eat
ZH: 看我们会吃

EN: Keep those shoes upon my feet
ZH: 保持这些在我的脚的鞋子

EN: Every night my papa would take me
ZH: 我的爸爸就带我每晚

EN: And tuck me in my bed
ZH: 并把我塞在我的床

EN: Kiss me on my head
ZH: 在我的头上吻我

EN: After all my prayers were said
ZH: 在我所有的祷告后说

EN: And there were years
ZH: 有几年

EN: Of sadness and of tears
ZH: 悲伤和眼泪

EN: Through it all
ZH: 通过这一切

EN: Together we were strong
ZH: 我们一起强

EN: We were strong
ZH: 我们的坚强

EN: Times were rough
ZH: 时代是粗糙

EN: But Papa he was tough
ZH: 但爸爸他很坚强

EN: Mama stood beside him all along
ZH: 妈妈一直都站在他旁边,

EN: Growing up with them was easy
ZH: 和他们一起成长很容易

EN: The time had flew on by
ZH: 时间飞上了由

EN: The years began to fly
ZH: 年开始飞

EN: They aged and so did I
ZH: 他们年龄岁,所以做了我

EN: And I could tell
ZH: 我可以告诉

EN: That mama she wasn't well
ZH: 妈妈她不是很好

EN: Papa knew and deep down so did she
ZH: 爸爸知道和倒深了,所以做了她

EN: So did she
ZH: 她也是如此

EN: When she died
ZH: 她死的时候

EN: Papa broke down and he cried
ZH: 爸爸坏了,他哭了

EN: And all he could say was, "God, why her? Take me!"
ZH: 所有他可以说是,"上帝,为什么她吗?带我!"

EN: Everyday he sat there sleeping in a rocking chair
ZH: 他坐在那里睡在摇椅上的每天

EN: He never went upstais
ZH: 他从没上过 upstais

EN: Because she wasn't there
ZH: 因为她不在那里

EN: Then one day my Papa said,
ZH: 然后有一天,我的爸爸说,

EN: "Son, I'm proud of how you've grown"
ZH: "儿子,我感到骄傲的你长得"

EN: He said, "Go out and make it on your own.
ZH: 他说,"出去并使其靠你自己。

EN: Don't worry. I'm O.K. alone."
ZH: 不用担心。我好孤独。

EN: He said, "There are things that you must do"
ZH: 他说,"有你必须做的事情"

EN: He said, "There's places you must see"
ZH: 他说,"那里是你必须看的地方"

EN: And his eyes were sad as he
ZH: 他的眼睛都为他伤心

EN: As he said goodbye to me
ZH: 正如他对我说再见

EN: Every time I kess my children
ZH: 每次我 kess 我的孩子们

EN: Papa's words ring true
ZH: 爸爸的字真圈

EN: He said, "Children live through you.
ZH: 他说,"通过你的儿童生活。

EN: Let them grow! They'll leave you, too"
ZH: 让他们成长 !他们也会离开你"

EN: I remember every word Papa used to say
ZH: 我记得老爸所说的每一句话

EN: I kiss my kids and pray
ZH: 我亲亲我的孩子和祈祷

EN: That they'll think of me
ZH: 他们会认为我的

EN: Oh how I pray
ZH: 哦怎么我祈祷

EN: They will think of me
ZH: 他们会想想我

EN: That way
ZH: 这种方式

EN: Someday
ZH: 总有一天