Patti LuPone - Everything I Am lyrics

Everything I am
The child in me, the wild in me
The part that?s safe and the part that?s free
The part of me here for the world to see
All of it

Take me as I am
The fool in me, the cruel in me
One side that?s soft, the other firm
A soul that knows and a heart that learns
All for you

Turn down the corner of my best pages
Easily find your favorite places
Hold me up high take a rest Orion
Or blow me away like a dandelion

I hold nothing back
One part cries and one enjoys
One creates and one destroys
That is everything
Everything I am

Feel like a kite on a mile long string now
You hold the end you hold everything now
Hold me and need me as we might even
Fly off and blow away while we?re dreaming

Every part of me
My shadow on the wall, my footprints in the sand
Shall we spend the night or never let it end?
I want all of you
Is everything I am!