Patterson Hood - Fire lyrics

Smell like something's burning, the kitchen is on fire, I didn't leave
the oven on, you calling me a liar? Flames are in the attic everything is
charred, all my waterlogged shit is laying in the yard

Smells like something's burning, it smelt that way before
Something's always flaming in this neighborhood I'm sure. Everything
changes so fast you never know, only ahes remain of everything I own

Smells like something's burning, smells like burning shit. Something's
always stinking now that I think of it. It stinks to be you my dear,
stinks to me too. Gonna burn your playhouse down if it's the last
thing I do. People always seem to destroy what they love, them big ole
brains steer us wrong when push comes to shove. Now I'm standing
here with the matches all lit hoping that my shoopish grin will get me
out of it

Smell like somthing's burning, the red-hot coals of hell, give them
something to talk about and the stories they will tell about how he was
a good man and how far he fell, but you'll know I'm coming by the

Don't call the Fire Department, this town's been burned down
Flashing embers crashing through burning wall of sound
Brothers like to fight but I won't be found. Ashes blowing in the breeze
No one else around

Smells like something's burning...