Patrick Sky - Mahogany Row lyrics

Have you ever been down on the back side of town
Where none of the queens ever wear a crown
You might find some faces down there that you know
In a place that the boys call, "Mahogany Row"

Well, yonder's a stairway, yonder's a door
Many a stranger has been there before
Year after year, they come and they go
They never stay long on Mahogany Row

Well, the streets they are dusty, the houses are old
Their's is a story that has often been told
Don't look for tables or chairs if you go
The furniture is different on Mahogany Row

Back up in the city and away from the smells
Young sports are dating society belles
Maybe it's "yes", and maybe it's "no"
We might change our luck on Mahogany Row

Well, yonder's a girl cute as you've seen
Small as a minute, and maybe fifteen
Well, one wise guy chuckles, and another says, "'Lo"
She has been down on Mahogany Row

Well the doctor man comes, the doctor man goes
Soon you'll be seein' some new little clothes
Strung on the line for the breezes to blow
Behind a house on Mahogany Row

Won't you come to the meat market and get your fresh ham
It ain't been inspected by old Uncle Sam
But some of the nicest of people you know
Are gettin' their cut from Mahogany Row

When it's time for elections, let's have a show
And it's off to the jail with a dozen or so
When jobs they are scarce, and the wages are low
More talent comes to Mahogany Row