Patricia Barber - I Wait For Late Afternoon And You lyrics

They say that I don't know love, I say yes I do
They say they are counting love, I say I am too
They mark the years with rings like a tree they say
I count on smaller things, minutes, seconds, days

I wait for late afternoon and you
The industrious bunch through breakfast and lunch
I wait for it afternoon and you

The Monday sun softly paves by two
Though the book of the clerks thinking diligence works
For pension and perks out due
I wait for late afternoon and you

If we agree to meet at three
The concierge and I will see
The shades are drawn, the staff is skilled
Our lunch prepared, the champaign chilled

And if we skip the duck confit
Your arms and lips will reach for me
These walls were meant to never speak
Of songs contempt within a week

So on this late afternoon with you
Other salesmen reserved all the rumors they've heard
That this fool may deserve a review
And still I wait and I wait for you
I wait for late afternoon and you