Pato Banton - Bad Man And Woman (New Version) lyrics

Bad man hey
and woman woe
a mash up the late night session.

One thing that me just cannot understand
why so much bad man come a session? Lord!
Some carry knife like Tarzan
some a carry gun like James Bond.
Well dem a puff up them chest like super man
and pick pon the innocent man and woman.
Now listen to the words of Pato Banton
and how we explain this situation.

First let me tell you about the bad man
that always a keep up them contention. Yes.
They come to dance with no intention
to listen to the sound or to the mic - man.
The only thing they want to do is find a woman
and rub up in a corner all night long.
A dem there kind of man me call desperate dan
when a lovers rock play they grab a girls hand.
Even when the tune is done them still a hold on
'cause one dance won't do for a one night stand.
When some woman say: "me no want dance!"
some man take it wrong.
Shame and pride take control of the situation
start keep up argument and botheration.
That's why Pato Banton have fe sing this song.

Now let me tell you about the woman
that come to the dance like dem name princess ann.
Chains 'round their neck, ring on their hand
some beautiful some look like King Kong.
Some a look a good time, some a look man
the bad woman dem just a look attention.
For example crowd a people check this situation:
The queue for the powder room is half a mile long.
Some girls want put their hair in a good position.
Some girls want put some makeup or some perfume on.
Some girls a dead to pee pee but a hold on strong.
And dem a walk pon de spot yes dem a walk pon it.
Bad gal come along and ignore everyone
to the front of the queue is her destination.
She puff up her chest like wonder woman
and if you say a word she would a lick you down.
But 9 times out of 10 is not she one
'cause every bad woman have to walk in a gang.