Pathway To Providence - Flagler Boys lyrics

Youre more then overly conceided
Your head is clouded by the way
Your peers crowd around you.

Attention you have one the award
First place for showing apathy
Better then a novelty
It's a shame it's a crying shame
You're a waste of breath your all the same

:pre chorus:
We are worthless and you enjoy this
A step closer to highschool glory and fame
So let's ignore this and let's enjoy this
In five years you'll amount to nothing at all

I'd compair you to
Rust on metal
Devouring our pride
And I'll give you credit
For being too good
At what you do best
It's ruining our lives

Take take center stage all these lights
Are on you, your light is too bright
For anybody else watch where you step you're sure to melt

:pre chorus:
Apprehensive judgement will lead to your downfall
So get down and beg and pleade
You best bite your tounge your words don't mean a thing


Your light is too bright for anybody else
Watch where you step

Lights lights camera fake it
Your just a punk and you'll never make it