Pathology - Eviscerated Human Torso lyrics

Disgusting impalement
Impacted crater of human flesh
ripped out lungs, still breathing
Exhaling puss lacerated cadaver
seething in a putrificated disease
Eviscerated human torso
eroding the spinal waste
Infected by defilement
Sores scabbed and peeling
butchering of abdominal cavity
Eviscerated human torso
reeking of feces and congealed blood
a feast for the vultures and maggots
As they belch and regurgitate
for consumption of the dead
I now begin to feel the innards
Eviscerated human torso
Demons within my soul
Dine in the crevice of the victim
Returning to the crest of the earth
An inhuman morbid display
Canvas of butchery
Gutted human corpse
Waiting to carve this putrid skull
Peeling away the layers of flesh
Eviscerated bodies
filling this tomb of demented perversion
Sores scabbed and peeling