Path Of No Return - Sin Eater lyrics

It will take a million truths to cover all your lies.
All we've shared, you have killed, so fuck your broken heart.
Thrust into my heart your poisoned dagger.
Can't lift my wings, catch my breath, chase away these broken dreams.
You hid the knife behind your back and put an end to it all, so fuck your broken heart.
Everything so beautiful has gone dull, but I won't let misfortune take my soul.
Gave you the best of me, now I won't dance your pretty dance anymore.
Got woken from the bliss of sleep when reality caught you up.
But don't you think your misery will ever justify the way I feel.
Guess the understanding of pain comes with the absence of love and now you can't wash the blood off your hands.
It's too late.
I saw the sun go down.
You can't fool me, you can't kiss me Judas.
Within these ashes lies beauty forgotten and so will be.
I won't listen, won't even see you.
As there's nothing to see, nothing inside, nothing out.
Nothing but a late night fantasy where your dark flame is chasing me, tries to graze me.
You can't bring this all back to life.
Too late.
Now you can't wash the blood off your hands.
It's too late