[email protected] - The Pieces Of Betrayal lyrics

You say
Why did i betray!
Defenses, lookin at anything
Pieces, pieces
And i'm giving up on everything
Now you say
It lies with you
Pieces, pieces. lost

To complicate things
The lights are going dim
And i'd rather be outside
Where i can hold you to your word
(until you give in!)

You seem to like attention
The things you forget to mention
Will have to wait til last

How do you propose to live up to the words
When everything you say is lies, lies

The life that you make is the shit that you take
When the promise you break is mine, mine

How can you live with the bullshit that you give
When the things that you say get reversed each day

The moment that you leave is a moment of relive
Cause the life that you need is mine