Parenthetical Girls - The Former lyrics

Engraved appraised and upraised
So enraged you became
Displaced in haste and surname
So her name hath claim (?)

From (?) counts three like (clicked feet)
A face (?) for memory
Unsure unchased and way late
In vague rays with what remains

Impressed with pleasures of the flesh
And slept in beds youd soon regret
His genuflect and pledge to death
Were not who youd come to expect

As you knew before him love
Who hopes through harms ive dealt you
With spent affections on your tongue
For borrowed arms youve clung to

Sunburned skinned and lost of love
(?) (hopeless) to you remind
As below so to above
Theres room for two inside you

Strive for happiness i guess
Were never blessed of much success
(wed to) (?) yet whod suspect
What (strange) (?) beneath her dress