Parasite Inc. - The Pulse Of The Dead

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Parasite Inc. - The Pulse Of The Dead lyrics

Heartbeat, can you be faking?
Dead inside
I‘m waking
Beat me!
I feel a little sick!
Where is the trick?
Your lies are on to kill me…
kill the pulse inside me...
Can‘t you show me a bit
more?…cut me a sore
Slightly mad, slightly dead…
Where is the beat for survive?
Drive me sad, drive me dead
Fuck it - I stop complaining
No more beats remaining
Tired - coz lies can tell no
trick… so sick
Fuck you - I live that hellride
with the pulse of dead inside
there is nothing to show… it‘s
empty life
And I was never alive!
slightly mad, slightly dead
There was no way for survive
drive me sad, drive me dead
And there is nothing alive!
All I have, all I had:
Is just the pulse of the dead
bequeathed: The pulse of the