Paraquat - Painting By Numbers lyrics

Promise made, promise kept.
You can shut your mouth now.
I told you nothing but the truth.
Make your next move, you will lose!
The good times are a black, proliferating plague-spot in your memory.
Prick it out and make the black death history.

Do we need to be part of a scene?
This ship is sinking and we're the only divers here.
There are 10000 dealers per addict
And we've got one syringe and only two arms.

One of the best nine out of ten,
You've got it made.
Fruit in season, say it loud:
It's a hard way to the top!
But it's even a harder way to the bottom.
You stole the cherry from the top and now you're still choking.

Teens! friends! gold!
We love you just as much as you love us!

The only thing that's more important than importance is the audience.
We're ranging backward and forward, begging for guidance.

And it's save to say that the safest way to stop a raging bull is to cut of it's legs before it starts running.
"my throat hurts" and the audience is stomping.
They're asking for blood and this is what we'll give them.