Pansy Division - Headbanger lyrics

I saw him at the Guitar Center
He didn't look like a ten-percenter
He was picking up picks and strings
I was into picking up other things

He was a hesher, a hairshaker
Looked to me like a mattress breaker
When he followed me out of the store
I knew he wanted more (more more more)

He's my headbanger boy
My heavy metal toy
With a haircut like a girl
He's got me in a whel

He turned on his cd player
Did I prefer Metallica or Slayer?
I said, "Whatever will get you hot"
By the second song our clothes were off

His fat boner bobbing up and down
Playing air guitar as he danced around
He pounced on me and said, "Let's do it"
He knew what he wanted when we got down to it

He's my headbanger boy
My heavy metal toy
With his studs and leather bands
He's got me in his hands

I can't believe I'm his first ever guy
The way he left me drained and dry
Then he led me to the door
His girlfriend was coming home at 4

He's my headbanger boy
My heavy metal joy
He wants to see me again
When his girlfriend leaves at 10