Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou lyrics (Chinese translation). | Aggele mou, an kateveis pros tin gi
, Thelo na ertheis na milisoume mazi
, perimeno na mou doseis...
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Panos Psaltis - Aggele Mou (Chinese translation) lyrics

EL: Aggele mou, an kateveis pros tin gi
ZH: Kateveis 职业玩家锡 gi Aggele,谅解备忘录

EL: Thelo na ertheis na milisoume mazi
ZH: 时间 na ertheis na milisoume 马泽

EL: perimeno na mou doseis simvouli
ZH: perimeno na doseis 谅解备忘录 simvouli

EL: pos na giano mia kardia pou aimorragei
ZH: pos 纳贾诺 mia kardia 布 aimorragei

EL: Aggele mou, exei agiatrefti pligi
ZH: Aggele 的谅解备忘录,被 pligi agiatrefti

EL: apo thavma einai akoma zontani
ZH: thavma brekfest zontani 的第 1 部分

EL: exei travma vathi ki i lepida i kofteri
ZH: 被 travma vathi ki 我 lepida 我 kofteri

EL: dilitirio eixe kai erota poli
ZH: eixe dilitirio 埃罗塔偕波利

EL: Aggele mou, mia xari sou zito
ZH: Aggele 份谅解备忘录,mia xari 苏 zito

EL: sto oneiro mou, lisi sto ainigma na vro
ZH: 申通快递 oneiro 谅解备忘录,lisi 申通快递 ainigma na vro

EL: tin kardia mou giatrepse tin an mporeis
ZH: 锡 kardia 谅解备忘录 giatrepse 锡 mporeis

EL: me ena dakri apo ta vathi tis psixis
ZH: 我 ta vathi tis-dakri psixis

EL: kai an tin soseis tha sou takso prosevxi
ZH: 和 soseis 塔苏 takso 锡 prosevxi

EL: ston theo mou, na sou dosei tin efxi
ZH: 斯通西奥纳谅解备忘录、 苏 dosei 锡 efxi

EL: gia na gineis ton aggelon dioikitis
ZH: 嘉纳 gineis 吨 aggelon dioikitis

EL: kai ena throno ston paradeiso na vreis!
ZH: 斯通 paradeiso throno 偕 na vreis !

EL: Aggele mou, aggele mou
ZH: Aggele 份谅解备忘录,aggele 的谅解备忘录

EL: English translation:
ZH: 英语翻译:

EL: My angel
ZH: 我的天使

EL: My angel, if you come down to earth
ZH: 我的天使,如果你来要脚踏实地

EL: I want us to speak
ZH: 我想我们说

EL: I am waiting for you to give me advice
ZH: 我在等待你给我的建议

EL: on how to heal a heart that hemorrhages
ZH: 关于如何医治环顾一颗心

EL: My angel, it has a wound which will not heal
ZH: 我的天使,却永远无法愈合的伤口

EL: it is a miracle it is still alive
ZH: 它是一个奇迹,它是还活着

EL: it has a deep wound and the blade is sharp
ZH: 它有了深深的创伤和刀片式服务器是锋利

EL: it is filled with poison and love
ZH: 它充满爱与毒药

EL: My angel, I have one favour to ask you
ZH: 我的天使,我要问你一个赞成

EL: let me find an answer to my conundrum, in my dream
ZH: 让我在梦中找到答案我的难题

EL: heal my heart if you can
ZH: 如果你能,治愈我的心

EL: with a tear from the depths of my soul
ZH: 用泪水从我的灵魂深处

EL: And if you save it i will promise you a prayer
ZH: 如果您将其保存会答应你祈祷和

EL: to my God, so he may bless you
ZH: 我的上帝,所以他保佑你

EL: to become the governor of the angels
ZH: 成为天使的总督

EL: and for you to find a throne in heaven!
ZH: 你在天堂里找到一个宝座 !

EL: My angel, my angel
ZH: 我的天使,我的天使