Palomar - Emily Song lyrics

Signs tell you something
That you're never gonna fit right
But you have to seem fine
You got a bad attitude
Don't you want to be loved
I really think so,
Then no

What makes you want to
Seek out isolation it's like
You hate to seem fine
You got a strange reputation
You're always on the go
You're hiding things were we still don't know.

Late nights will find you
Outside underneath the still trees
You're looking for peace
You've got a strange expression
Got a lot on your mind
If we don't know what that's fine.

What makes the sunshine
Who decides which way the clouds go
Are they both on a string
If there is one little thing that I hope that you know
It's just that I hate to see you go.

This next life takes you seriously
But you will never let on
How you want things to be,
This next life can't fill the space that you took
But we never let on
Just forget where to look