Paleo - Houdini lyrics


everyone smiled at she slipped on the ice
and her glasses lay smashed on the cadillac's dash
as a mom drove us home from the park

when dad pulls a cat from the brim of his hat
and hangs up his dress slacks to hand mom the whiplash
she winks and says "life isn't easy"

and your paper shakes when you make this mistake
in the speech that you gave to your peers from the stage
about causes of teen apathy

but like
just like you
they are doing the best that they can

you've nothing to fear
this will all disappear
when they turn off the lights
from the top of the stairs

sure it's quite the tough sell
laughs houdini in hell
as he saws you in half
but listen up, just do the math

life is not easy

driving away she would mournfully state
that life never changes. it's been ages and ages
now her words they dissolve on my tongue

just like you
just like you

when the music goes out like a match

das - orrefors, sweden