Painbastard - Tear Apart lyrics

It’s so easy to say I’m always there for you
And it’s easy to say I will always love you
When you getting stale and lose all good intentions
This daily routine kills slowly

So we drifted apart, turned a blind eye to
It was a quick succession, it was nothing new
Now I look back and cannot understand

I was blind to you, no dream come true
You surrender let me drop, so I awake from my deep sleep
So I cried for you and I almost died for you
But nothing in this world can keep us apart

We were at the rock-bottom, reached the boiling point
The crest of our fame was null and void
We could not relieve our distress
Were fed up to the back teeth

Time have changed and we sell at a loss
Our recently acquired freedom, we’ve got lost
United we stand, divided we fall
And I call