Painbastard - A Short Moment Of Love lyrics

You honor my attainments and make me pride
Crowned with success, I leased the right
I won't regress, that's my progress
I tread an other, I'm not satisfied with less

When your repent your sins and pray for your soul
I will not waste my time until I'll reach my goal
Life's running faster, life's getting rough
I use my elbows, don't care about the other

I waste my money, enjoy my life
Wear costliest and cheat my wife
And when it's cold in Germany
I spend my time in an other warm country

You pay your taxes, I'll never do
I don't donate, don't say: "Thank you!"
Don't give a promise, don't show me true intention
My words are weapons, you better pay attention

I'm a rationalist, I only see my vantage
I only care for myself, my world rotates round about me
I'm an egoist, an ignoramus
And I feel well when I stand over you

Time's passing by and I'm alone
I'm getting older, my heart's like stone
Now I feel lonely, I feel my frost
And realize the things that I have lost

Nobody loves me and holds me tight
So I remember my time of light
When I was pure, my feelings soft
And I enjoy this short moment of love

Now I regret my sins, regret my ignorance
My lack of feelings I've wasted my life
Now I regret my sins, regret my ignorance
My lack of feelings but now I'll die