PTI - Ivory Tower lyrics

In the midst of the winter months bleeding for the cutting edge caught between a maze within a cage.
What can I do what can I be? Take away my dreams and I cannot see.
Desperate times without means falls apart into routine.
Dancing to the laugh track laughing to the dance track.
Play the part of the sad clown. Climb on up to get down.
Deal with this nightmare 9 – 5 like a prisoner locked down on the inside.
With a little space and a little time, I might find piece of mind.

A glimpse of hope caught my eye, just enough to save my sight.
Now please take me back inside.

Sleep in a tinderbox, cross paths with a matchstick all the bullshit bursts into flame.
Without the luxuries of apathy welcome a life of absurdity. Forget the rules. Fuck the game.
If only the world could do the same.

My ivory tower from here a world away from my castle in the sky a fresh new day.
My ivory tower from here you seem so small from my castle in the sky been through it all.