PTI - Databass lyrics

The cities falling down, sick with concrete disease.
Outdated methods of labor aggregation cease.
The streets are caustic, oil slick and vapors free.
The ground is shaking straining to support debris.

Nature of architecture, how do you cultivate
the beams that build the city that spiral centrally?
No set of blueprints, no diagram or master plan.
The sprawl’s organic. Embrace decay as we expand.

Components of the future must have been locked away.
I see the city changing, degrading every day. S
chematic the hope, scan progress and take away
remedies for failed solutions. Black clouds burn down endlessly.

We’re gonna burn it down and then we’ll let it go.
We’re gonna light it up and then we’ll let it show.
It’s about time to change the cityscape.
It’s about time to clear the databass.