PTI - Alysium lyrics

Face the fear, feel the razors edge so fine
Crystal clear, she Cut accross the dotted line
In a world of pain, the blade helps her to feel alive
In a world of shame, it's just one more thing to hide

Johnny's eyes, portray emotion - bloody oceans
No surprise, he turns upon himself
Found the light, he took a glock and gave it a cock
Lost the fight, a bloody boy falls like a rock

Banging pain, Straight injection brings pure effection
Taps the vein, time to let it go
Crawl away, the failed concoction brings on the toxin
Time to pay, Im the last thing that you'll see

I rip my face
I hate my race
I have no place
I am disgrace

And as the day is done
Believe in me
We ask ourselves what we have won
I believed in you
Tears turn into blood
You let me down
Sanctify the ground we love
Now your on your own