PRo - Murder Swag lyrics

Yeah, see it's a couple people wonderin’ man
Since I done switched the style up, if I’ma be aggressive enough or if I’ma have enough swag
I think our perspective is a little bit loose on what this rap thing is about
So I’ma go ahead and get the ratchet and tighten it up right quick
Holla at me

[Verse 1]
Now what I look like carin’ if anybody feelin’ me?

I’m tryna show you truth like I took you to epiphany

If me killin’ pride means I lose half of my fan base

Adios you probably wasn’t wit me in the first place

I tryna win a tough race, pursuin’ God on my face

You worried ‘bout what kind of punch lines I’m ‘bout to make

Look, I am not a monkey for your entertainment

Buy a puppy if you lookin’ for something that you can play with

I’m on my grind tryna showcase the divine

Prayin’ that the Spirit file for renewing of our mind

So I roll down my window as I’m bumpin that Thi'sl

Posted with some urban missionaries, what up B Gizzle

I was shown pride’s an enemy of the King

So I asked the Lord to break me like a fight with Jet Li

The title of your favorite rapper – keep it, I don’t want it
‘Cause promo isn’t promo unless the Lord’s being promote

I’m on a mission tryna show the world the Lord comin’ back

So I … had to murder swag, had to, had to murder swag

Yeah I switched the style up but no you not feelin that

But I … had to murder swag, had to, had to murder swag

You say you rappin’ for the streets but they still thinking you wack

So I … had to murder swag, had to, had to murder swag
‘Cause real recognize real, that’s why they not feelin’ that

So we … had to murder swag, had to, had to murder swag

[Verse 2]
Now try to tell me that swag ain’t pride

It’s ‘bout makin’ us look better while we put it in our rhymes

And we say that it’s for Christ, but that ain’t Christ-like ‘cause

He came in a manger, you braggin’ about ice (wait)

That’s why the Jews didn’t accept Him as is
‘Cause he came as a servant, they wanted the iron fist

With chariots of fire but he gave ‘em humility

I think that there’s a lesson can be learned here for you and me

We are not to dress him up but show people he lives

Don’t care if you think he cool, God is who he is

Anything else is phony, if he ain’t portrayed as holy

And he ain’t runnin your life pimpin’, Jesus not ya homie

So take the gold chains off and put the crown of thorns back

Quit braggin’ bout the benefits, tell ‘em that the King back

I mean that, I’ma bleed rap
Replace it with blood of the Christ, he want his seat back