PRo - Call Me Back Again 4 lyrics

PRo ...
This is Shawshank. Listen, I really feel like you're missing the boat here. OK. Everybody right now is rapping for the young people. You got Young Jeezy, you got Yung Joc, you got Lil Wayne, you got Soulja Boy. Fine. But ain't nobody rapping for the old people. Ain't nobody got a geriatric flow. Ain't nobody reppin' the AARP. Right? This is what we finna do. All I need you to do is just listen. Don't shoot me down, just listen. We gon' shoot a video with you in a diaper. In a diaper. Yes "Depends." The whole nine-yards B. The whole nine-yards! You're too hear me not to hear me, and listen. I know the nursing home where Sean "Puffy" Combs' great-grandma is at right now! So what we gon' do is, listen, you're too hear me not to hear me, listen. We gon' pipe dope music video with you in the diaper, right into the nursing home. OK. With a tube of Bengay in your hands, spittin' the hotness. She gon' call Diddy, he gon' call me, I'm gon' call you ... we gon' take over the world!!