P. Reign - Pay Day (2013)

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P. Reign - Pay Day lyrics

You're watching news nigga, we did that,
F*ck these new niggas, bitch we've been that
And life you die for, we live that,
I sold my soul in the streets and I don't want it back
'Cause man I just bought the chopper,
Got the stash to my mamas,
I pour the hit on your head,
And fly your bitch to Bahamas
Now this the land of the freak
the home of the breath,
no waving you're watching the itt
it's time to get paid.

Always pay day, I'll admit it,
Just got a new hoe, I'll call the AK,
This haters watch it, till I cut off the cable,
now all my bitches is stayin'
is my baby look like I'm stable,
Look I don't fight with no fools,
my homies shoot when I say so,
you niggas must have been born and like the first day of April
pistol in the potato, I'll pop you ..
and if she had is the molly first class down to tax and cacos.


Always pay day, I'll admit it,
First for the low low, no time to lay lay,
fresh off the wrong way, home taking off,
bought your bitch some pennies just to take your mom
if your stunt is not this, you got my paper, got a pistol
baby mama wouldn't miss you, bet she kill you 'fore she kiss you
if you want it, big tittie doubt it take it from me,
wave your watches in the air, time is money.


Always pay day, I'll admit it,
Talking shit from bitch I'm ricks and fuck what they say
If you drink the milk, I'ma bring that cookie,
she told me do it, do it, I will knock you in that pussy
I heard you a actress, will just make a movie,
she brought a group of bitches, now she my favorite groupie,
I tell them bitches lay there, like the choppers out
Ass up, face down, bitch gonna pack you out.


Always pay day, always pay day