P. Reign - Ill Life (2011)

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P. Reign - Ill Life lyrics

As the bubbles at the bottom glass shift to the top
I feel like them, wishing i could pop
They hopeing i would stop, drop, identify with the bottom but i recognize the top
And when you got nothing you could recognize alot so you grind till you shine by connecting all the dots. yeeah
To lifes fabulous i cant stop, they aiming for my head still im riding in the drop

Like whatever doesnt kill me gotta make me stronger
Code name Canada, my country ive conquer and for this lonely country id give anything in return ive gained nothing and lost everything
and now its one thing i thought id never confess on so on this chessboard i need a reality check cause realitys left so now theres nothing but stress so in my world we keep a hundred gunnas on deck