P.A.P.I. - Fowl Niggaz (2013)

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P.A.P.I. - Fowl Niggaz lyrics

Nigga steal from you, up you look for it, (fowl niggaz)
niggas that I always make bad decisions (fowl niggaz)
niggas that I f*ck on when you're in prison (fowl niggaz)
niggas that they steal from their own mother, (fowl niggaz)
niggas that they snitch on their own brother, (fowl niggaz)
niggas that will tell your girl if you're cheating, (fowl niggaz)
yeah, what up?
so they could start beating, (fowl niggaz)
f*cking bitches when you got..(fowl niggaz)
five shit, when you get caught you got plee (fowl niggaz)
niggas smoking weed, telling my bed, (fowl nigga)
drinking liquor, all that you had, (fowl nigga)
niggas tell you jump off you got a wife, (fowl nigga)
tell your wife you got a jump off the snitchin twice, (fowl nigga)

Fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz x 3

Niggas that will love a lie a round you, fowl niggaz
niggas that will ..around you, fowl niggaz
niggaz tip a bitch and they thinking back, fowl nigga
niggaz talk behind your back say you what? fowl nigga
that they f*ck right in front the children, fowl nigga
niggas still pissing right in front the build, fowl nigga
niggas that will tell you that they got your back, fowl nigga
..on they don't even call you back, fowl nigga
niggas all the bottles ain't got bread, fowl nigga
build come already break to the head, fowl nigga
niggas go to weed never tripping, fowl nigga
nobody come, watch them nigas diving,

Fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz, fowl niggaz x 3