Owl City - Butterfly Wings lyrics (Chinese translation). | If i was a raindrop
, would you be my thunderstorm?
, It's cold so surround me
, With rain clouds to...
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Owl City - Butterfly Wings (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: If i was a raindrop
ZH: 如果我是雨滴

EN: would you be my thunderstorm?
ZH: 你会我雷暴吗?

EN: It's cold so surround me
ZH: 它的冷所以环绕我

EN: With rain clouds to keep me warm
ZH: 与雨云让我温暖

EN: I feel like I'm falling
ZH: 感觉就像我爱上

EN: So darling don't let me go
ZH: 所以亲爱的别让我走

EN: The thought is appalling but should I slip away
ZH: 思想是令人震惊,但应该去滑一次

EN: Into the stormy sea will you remember me?
ZH: 进波涛汹涌的海上你还会记得我吗?

EN: Asleep in a warm cocoon
ZH: 睡在温暖的茧

EN: We dream of lovely things
ZH: 我们梦想的美好事物

EN: We're both gonna wake up soon
ZH: 我们既要尽快醒来

EN: So we hope that tomorrow brings us our butterfly wings
ZH: 因此,我们希望,明天给我们带来了我们的蝴蝶翅膀

EN: If I was a grain of sand
ZH: 如果我是一粒沙子

EN: Would you be Miami Beach
ZH: 你会迈阿密海滩吗

EN: So dusty with starlight
ZH: 所以灰尘与星光

EN: Close your eyes and cuddle close to me
ZH: 闭上你的眼睛和我拥抱

EN: I'll try not to wake you
ZH: 我不会把你吵醒

EN: Or make a sound while you're dozing off
ZH: 或发出声音,虽然你打瞌睡

EN: But in the night should the high tides sweep me away from
ZH: 但在晚上应该高潮汐扫我远离

EN: you
ZH: 你

EN: Tell me again my dear will you be waiting here
ZH: 再告诉我我亲爱的在这里等

EN: Whenever we leave the ground
ZH: 每当我们离开地面

EN: And take to the sky
ZH: 和带到天空

EN: I'll smile as I'm gazing down
ZH: 当我凝视着我下来,我会微笑

EN: Cause I've always wonder why we won't need feathers to
ZH: 总是不知道为什么我们就不需要到羽毛的原因

EN: fly
ZH: 飞