Outerspace - Hustle & Flow (feat. King Syze) lyrics

It's the solar symstem addict
Addict coming from the space cabinet
My larynx is more like a clarinet
To clarify my clarity
I give syllables a solidarity
To rap want's to marry me
I propose with a gun and a rose
It's out of paradise city with thunderous flows
My shit's so dope it's numbing your nose
I tussle with pros i hustle and flow you know
It's the coming attraction 10th wonder
This summer i vibe to the sound of the funky drummer
Marinade over snares and kicks
Prepare to be ripped apart cuz it's rare i miss
And if for some strange reason my shot's off
I spit chains of seasons and burn em like hot sauce
I vicegrip the micstand for no apparent reason
The transparent demon with gods lifespan

This shit is hot for real
Even if cop's on the block we get it popping still
Are you pop is you hot niggah not for real
Who got it locked on the block like we got no deal


You niggas can't see me lift your brim up
Unless you wanna see your man lift your limbs up
You talking to a man sonny lift your chin up
It's a sin if i let your skin skuff my tins up
See me and plan we penetrate the block
We leave dead bodies to decorate the block
Husky puertoricans we vegetate you not
Treat the famine motherfucka escalate your crops
We in the land of coast that can't registrate they blocks
The world got shook and have the head of state to watch
Time keep slipping we let escape the clock
So when we get it cracking we hesitate to stop
I'm waving the blade i'm scraping the plate i'm hungry
I'm breaking away escaping the pain you love me
You saying my name i'm breaking your frame it's ugly
I fatally rain i'm staining your dame i'm gully


Yo i'm a young cannon blasting with the mind of a elder
I move blocks of trees like the legend of zelda maan
And i don't know what to tell ya
I ain't your paps homie i ain't the niggah that failed ya
To rap with me, gotta be ready to blast with me
Tackle the city crack the da vinci master the gritty
I'm shackled in Philly, actually i'm locking it down
(?)nothing but condiments now
compared to us in battle with flares and must
in certain situations i ain't scared to bust
there goes my fame and my music
i'm planning a movement
to take advantage of anything that's ever handed to music
so every time we drop pocket get to the ground
I'm a ring leader trust me i ain't fucking with clowns
and anyone who wanna hate, like be my guest
I'ma aim for your head like i ain't see that vest