Outerspace - Hail Mary lyrics

We in seattle, with mac the knife and the pharaohs
we loaded with double barrels, and all the siphon apparel
we bangin the lost battles and everything is a gamble.
sour diesel, that raw perico rap from the gravel
we travel a vicious cycle, from iladel to the eifel
my wife'll walk with a rifle if i ask her snipe you.
best believe, the shit on my sleve,repin what im here for
therefore, my arm extends to who im here for
im still raw, still spittin, and workin hard
like king-size walkin through them labor union doors
its real, conceal a weapon till the day of the election
when bush gone, its on, im lickin in his direction
spittin it to perfection, my ghetto report card
a-plus, lay plush, new chuckers lay stuff gritty
shitty saturdays, jewels look like gamma rays
im bobby knight with a mic in his indiana days
atlanta brave, tomahawking your parade
i fuck with phillies, what you silly nigga, watch what you say.
We duck tapin, whoever the fuck hatin,
we leavin no prisoners, im a sinister son sacred.


hail mary
full of grace
praise that the lord be with us when we walkin through space
bless it,
all those who rose to step in our face
we gotta... (get em).. I hope they in a better place.. (got em)

naw, y'all aint hear me on gun ballad or black christmas
or bloody tears, I was busy handling my business.
me and planet the same, but we a little different
back in the booth like we left somethin missin.
back with the truth I pray to god you niggas listenin
stacked to the roof like pyrmids, but aint egyptian
used the mic as a brush to paint this diction
they got to chlorintine the lab, they say we sickenin
music's like cook raw, we blaze the kitchen
we got love worldwide, amazin isnt it?
we blood brothers from another father another mother.
rum guzzlers sons touch us, and aint no one above us
who put in work like us, and who the fuck can judge us
we change it up a bit, dont understand what all the fuss is
we make it happen, we persevere through all the weather
we puertoricans so we accumstoming to whatever it takes
we stand firm we stay together,
outerspace that's set in stone and remains forever
Qb for life, for worse for better.
I got a hunger for blood and a thurst for cheddar.