OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Big Boi]
, Well its the m i crooked letter coming around the south
, Rollin straight hammers and...
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OutKast - Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Well its the m i crooked letter coming around the south
ZH: 这是我歪信过来南部的 m

EN: Rollin straight hammers and vogues in that old southern slouch
ZH: 在这老南部懒散罗林直锤和风尚

EN: Please, ain't nothin but inscence in my atmosphere
ZH: 请不是没在我的气氛中 inscence

EN: I'm bendin corners in my lac boi, cause that's how we be rollin here
ZH: 我是 bendin 的角落我拉丁美洲和加勒比 boi,是我们的事业在这里罗林

EN: Deep, the slang is in effect because its Georgia
ZH: 深,俚语实际上是因为其格鲁吉亚

EN: Kickin they khakis and ... packin yo pieces cause you sposed to cousin
ZH: 棒球他们满贯卡其裤和...包装机哟件导致你肩膊表哥

EN: Catfish and grits is how my flow flow
ZH: 鲶鱼和沙粒是如何我的流流

EN: Rollin steady in that caddy but them 50 bottles got to go
ZH: 罗林稳定在这球童但他们 50 瓶要走

EN: See Juice and gin used to be my friend, from the begin
ZH: 请参阅汁和杜松子酒用来做我的朋友,从开始

EN: And now i'm just a player sippin sauce, every now and then
ZH: 我现在只是一个玩家,然后抑郁酱,

EN: To catch a buzz like a bumble bee
ZH: 要抓住了这点像大黄蜂

EN: Niggaz who tried to fuck with me
ZH: 试着跟我说爱

EN: Get sprayed like raid cause it ain't nothin see
ZH: 被喷,像 raid 原因不是什么见

EN: [Andre]
ZH: [安德烈]

EN: My heat is in the trunk along with that quad knock
ZH: 我热是在与那四人敲树干

EN: No my heart don't pump no koolaid
ZH: 没有我的心不泵没有阿斯

EN: ... and you'll get you spray
ZH: ......你就会得到你喷

EN: Hooray yo block the one and only Outkast
ZH: 万岁哟一个块和只有 「 流浪者合唱团 」

EN: Many a nigga fallin fast and
ZH: 入迷快很多黑人和

EN: How you think you last-in
ZH: 你如何觉得你最后一次在

EN: Quickly, they ain't gone get me
ZH: 很快,他们不是去了给我

EN: Got somethin fo'em
ZH: 请你尽淡忘 fo'em

EN: The devil up in yo grill and you still don't even know'em
ZH: 中的了魔鬼哟格栅和你还是不连 know'em

EN: Show'em, who's the ok
ZH: 展示,是确定

EN: Like collard greens and whole eggs
ZH: 像羽衣和整个鸡蛋

EN: I got soul, thats somethin that you ain't got
ZH: 我的灵魂,这就是你的心里有些东西

EN: That's why yo style is ro-ten,
ZH: 这就是为什么你的风格是 ro-十

EN: Stop in the land of ATL
ZH: 在 ATL 土地停止

EN: Where nothin but pimps, fully equiped
ZH: 犀利但皮条客,完全配在哪里

EN: Quick to make a sale, swell
ZH: 快速销售,膨胀

EN: Rolling got my pocket fitness boomin light
ZH: 轧了我的口袋里健身 boomin 光

EN: Rocket smoke tried to stop me but they know that its that...
ZH: 火箭烟试图阻止我,但他们知道,其那......

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: Its that southerplayalisticcaddilac funky music
ZH: 它那 southerplayalisticcaddilac 时髦的音乐

EN: Now Players if you choose it
ZH: 现在的球员如果你选择它

EN: You better make sure you don't abuse it
ZH: 你最好确保你不要滥用它

EN: We gonna get cha hiiiighh, hiiiighhh
ZH: 我们去找 cha hiiiighh,hiiiighhh

EN: [Andre]
ZH: [安德烈]

EN: Time to drop these bows, like dusty rhodes
ZH: 除去这些弓,像多灰尘的 rhodes 的时间

EN: Then I yell ho
ZH: 然后喊何

EN: We knockin em off they feet like a southern hustler supposed
ZH: 我们敲掉他们的脚 em 喜欢应该南部骗子

EN: To do, I's in the house, house like
ZH: 要做,我在房子里,像房子的

EN: A joint is lit fo my kin folks
ZH: 联合是点燃我的亲属家人的火炭

EN: And all the niggas that was down, since we been broke
ZH: 和下来,是因为我们已经打破了所有黑鬼

EN: Takin'em deeper than a submarine
ZH: Takin'em 比一艘潜艇深

EN: So scream when you hear the team of two
ZH: 所以尖叫当你听到的两个团队

EN: My groove be thick as two fat hoes sittin off in a room
ZH: 我槽可作为两个厚厚脂肪锄头牵挂关闭在一个房间里

EN: I'm packin my tag backwards if you want to be actin wrong
ZH: 我是在倒退如果你想要肌动蛋白错包装机我的标签

EN: Word is bond like super glue
ZH: Word 是像胶水一样的债券

EN: Its funky like poopa scoop
ZH: 其质朴像 poopa 勺

EN: And every word I say you can true.
ZH: 每一句你可以真正。

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Well okey dokey kastout
ZH: 嗯好道奇 kastout

EN: I swear to God I got the highest boomin cadillac
ZH: 我向上帝发誓我有最高的 boomin 凯迪拉克

EN: The expialalistic coupe de ville
ZH: Expialalistic coupe de ville

EN: Can you handle that you rat
ZH: 您可以处理你的老鼠

EN: I take my time cruisin round the city malls
ZH: 我的时间绕城商场 cruisin

EN: And under my seat for you suckers its your final curtain call
ZH: 我为你吸盘的座位下其最后的谢幕

EN: The one two to the guage p-u-m-p.
ZH: 一个对语言 p-u-m-p 两个。

EN: You want to do a jack I heat the barrel till this hippi get me
ZH: 你想要做一个插孔我热桶,直到此 hippi 给我

EN: See i get friendly gettin in where i fit
ZH: 看我把友好在哪

EN: Organized is on the track with the southernplayalistic shit
ZH: 组织是用 southernplayalistic 粪轨道上

EN: So copy my slang and bite my shit
ZH: 所以复制我的俚语和咬我的东西

EN: But don't try heckelin me
ZH: 但我别 heckelin

EN: Cause sleepin you'll get served with some southern hospitality
ZH: 导致入眠你会得到一些南部的款待送达

EN: [Chorus]
ZH: [合唱]

EN: [Big Boi]
ZH: [大 Boi]

EN: Well southernplayalisticadillac music has been layed
ZH: 好的 southernplayalisticadillac 音乐已铺开

EN: I may wait for all the ... be rolling like that today hoes
ZH: 我可能会等待所有......被轧那样今天锄头

EN: So back up off get up on it if you want it cha'll
ZH: 所以备份关闭获取了对它如果你想要查会

EN: Looking for hoes and snitches was my thing on player's ball yup
ZH: Yup 寻找锄头和告密者是我的事球员的球

EN: So now I step, rather walk with the pimp
ZH: 所以现在我一步,而是走与皮条客

EN: Lit by, my niggaz are at east point
ZH: 点亮的我的黑鬼是在东角

EN: With that college park hemp smoke style
ZH: 该学院公园大麻烟样式

EN: Is how I wanna end it on this track so I pass it to my partner
ZH: 是如何,我想要结束它在这条轨道上,所以交给我的搭档

EN: And step back up in my cadillac
ZH: 并且我的卡迪拉克步备份

EN: [Andre]
ZH: [安德烈]

EN: Step into my shoes, you crews sittin on truths
ZH: 踏进我的鞋,你个乘员组在真理上牵挂

EN: And those for the hoes only when we rollin through
ZH: 那些为锄头只有当我们通过罗林

EN: Atlanta skies be blue
ZH: 亚特兰大的天空是蓝色

EN: The sun is beamin it seemin
ZH: 太阳是后张梁它 seemin

EN: That i glisten, rather gleaming
ZH: 我反光,而是闪闪发光

EN: 20/20 got me leaning to the side
ZH: 20/20 让我到一边倾斜

EN: Feel the pride, now ain't that somethin
ZH: 感到骄傲,现在不是那东西

EN: I'm dippin into your hood
ZH: 我要进你的盖迪平

EN: This ain't braile, but i'm bumpin
ZH: 这可不是 braile,但我是风

EN: Thumpin out the roaches
ZH: Thumpin 出蟑螂

EN: Dungeon if ya'll missed it
ZH: 如果你会错过它的地牢

EN: Big Gimp, Goodie MOb, PA, Outkast
ZH: 大 Gimp 百宝箱暴民,PA,「 流浪者合唱团 」

EN: Southernplaylistic
ZH: Southernplaylistic

EN: [Chorus 3X]
ZH: [合唱 3 X]